Susan Ochshorn

A Battle for the Heart and Soul of Public Education

More than two decades ago, Deborah Meier warned that the idea of democracy was in peril. “Is it ever otherwise?” she asked in the preface to The Power of Their Ideas, her elegantly argued manifesto for public education. A self-described preacher on its behalf, she has spent half a century nurturing “everyone’s inalienable capacity to be an inventor, dreamer, and theorist—to count in the larger scheme of things.”

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The Cost of Success: How Letting Billionaires Shape Early Childhood Education Harms Kids - and Democracy

Three weeks after New York City expanded its historic preschool initiative to three-year-olds, Richard Buery held forth on his signature achievement at the Puck Building, owned by Charles Kushner and his son, Jared, Donald Trump’s son-in-law.  Bill de Blasio’s deputy mayor of strategic policy initiatives, architect of “PreK for All,” exhaled.

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