Steven W. Thrasher

We Need to Get Corporate America and Police Units out of Pride Marches

Even the worst corporations and institutions want to label themselves as LGBT allies these days. Why? Corporate America thinks it’s good for PR and the bottom line. But this weekend those companies were told loud and clear: you have no place in our community.

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The War on Drugs Is Racist, and Donald Trump Is Embracing It With Open Arms

When I first read the Washington Post story that the US attorney general, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, wants to “bring back” the “war on drugs”, I thought to myself: bring back? Where did it go? Is General Sessions himself on drugs? Because, despite a few modest reforms, somebody would have to be high to think the war on drugs has really gone away.

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The Force Awakens Brought Star Wars Into the 21st Century – and Fans Back

Seeing Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens was like seeing an old friend for the first time many years after a big fight when, after your intimate history is belied in a hug (like Han Solo and Leia’s in this film), you realize how much you loved each other before whatever trash came between you.

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Inequality is Fundamental to U.S. Capitalism: Tweaking the Edges Will Accomplish Nothing

The economic hoarding by those at the top has been termed “income inequality”, but that’s neither a strong nor accurate enough phrasing. I have never heard poor people complain about “income inequality”; poor people complain about being screwed out of housing , or about working more hours for less pay or about having to choose between medicine and food.

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Mizzou Revolt Strengthens as University President Concedes 'Change is Needed'

Tim Wolfe, the president of the University of Missouri, is waging the fight of his professional life this week as protests continue over racism and discrimination on campus.

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Anyone Can Be a White Supremacist. Just Ask Raven-Symoné

Compared to white people, research has long showed that black people earn less money, are less likely to be employed despite having the same qualifications and are more likely to be killed by police. And a new study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, shows that subjects, when exposed to “black-sounding” names, assumed that a person with that name would scare them because of “estimations of physical formidability” – that is, they assumed the person to be bigger than they are and scarier than they are, though black and white men do not differ in average height.

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Disaster Capitalism Is a Permanent State of Life for Too Many Americans

In the United States, disaster has become our most common mode of life. Proof that our daily existence was something other than a simmering, smoldering disaster has been historically held somewhat at bay by the myth that hard work equals some kind of subsistence living. For the more deluded amongst us, this ‘American dream’ even got us to believe we could be something called ‘middle class’. We were deceived.

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Republicans' Deep Hatred for Teachers Cannot Be Denied

It’s August, the heat is miserable, kids are going back to school and that means one thing for America’s conservatives: it’s the perfect time to take a cheap shot at the nation’s teachers.

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Americans Think Prison Rape Is Funny Because of Who Gets Hurt

Prison rape is so damn funny – that’s one reason why it’s hard to get people to care about it. I can’t remember when I first laughed about “dropping the soap” or “not bending over in the shower”, but it was definitely during my childhood. It was a gag we performed liberally when picking up a pencil off a classroom floor or playing football at recess in my elementary school years. It was as integral to the DNA of our prepubescent sense of humor as “Knock, knock?” or “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

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Two NYPD Cops Get Killed and 'Wartime' Police Blame Protesters. Have We Learned Nothing?

Is violence threatened still violence?

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