Stephanie Luce

10 Worst Things About Working in Fast Food and Retail

A new study by an MIT economist shows in detail how the U.S. labor market is steadily shifting to a service economy. As skilled production and administrative workers lose their jobs, they have moved into jobs in retail, fast food, home healthcare and childcare. There are many reasons why this shift is not ideal. Here's a roundup of the worst things about working in the service industry. 

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10 Biggest Myths About Retail Workers

Myth 1: Most retail workers are teenagers or young adults who do not really need the money

Reality: The average age of a retail worker is 37 years old (pdf), and more than half of year-round retail workers contribute a significant portion (pdf) of their family's total income. For example, researchers found that a third (pdf) of New York City retail workers support at least one dependent.

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Are Living Wage Campaigns Worth the Effort?

This piece was originally published by Labor Notes. Come to the Labor Notes conference May 4-6 in Chicago, the biggest gathering of grassroots labor activists and all-around troublemakers out there! More than 100 workshops and meetings to ‘put the movement back in the labor movement.’ 

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