Sophie Linden

We Really Shouldn't Let Silicon Valley into Our Schools

By 2020, technology in the classroom is predicted to be a $21 billion industry. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have pledged to donate $45 billion in Facebook shares to bring their personalized learning to other educational spaces. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is committing $300 million to similar causes, and Netflix’s Reed Hastings wants to give $11 million to personalized math software.

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Fast-Fashion's Environmentally Destructive Habits

Style has its hazards. From credit card debt to painfully high heels, many trends have proven the idea that fashion comes at a cost. Each decade of outfits has a concerning global impact. Now, a recent study from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation illuminates the incomprehensible toll fashion takes on the climate.

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Sexual Harassment Trainings Aren't Protecting Women at Work the Way They Should

After a long period of routine compliance, sexual harassment training seems to be on the minds of many organizations. By law, companies must institute at least two mechanisms to prevent sexual harassment within the workplace: first, implement a zero-tolerance policy toward harassment; and second, create procedures to address claims of misconduct.

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A Novel Approach: The Swedes Are Burning H&M Clothing for Energy

Right now, Sweden’s waste-to-energy program (WTE) seems that much more riot grrrl. After a stunning, country-wide drought in garbage, the city of Vasteras, lying north of Stockholm, was found to be burning unused H&M brand clothing in order to meet the country’s energy demands. Such knowledge paints an interesting picture: a season’s trends incinerated into fuel, and with them, a projected end to leftover synthetic fabrics and polka dots of human waste. Why would anyone hesitate to have their home heated by fashionable trash?

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Antibiotics Are Weakening and Millions Will Feel the Damage If the Meat Industry Doesn't Change Its Ways

A recent report from the World Health Organization describes the dangers humanity faces from overprescription of critical infection-fighting drugs, which has led to both superbugs and antibiotics' dwindling efficacy, making humans vulnerable to infections doctors otherwise regarded as benign. While overprescription in humans is a viable issue, recent statements from WHO express heightened concern over the ramifications from their misuse in the meat industry. 

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Did You Know That the Majority of Halloween Candy Relies on Slave Labor?

Recently Haribo, the German company known for its iridescent gummy bears, was accused of some disturbing slave labor and animal-cruelty practices, suddenly making every squeezable gummy look far from charming. While the candy company remains “shocked” at the news, every ethical consumer should pause to evaluate the inhumane labor practices buried under the labels of this nation’s most formidable candy wrappers. It also presents a chance to trick-or-treat for more socially conscious candies this year.

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Freelancing Isn't Feminist - It's Badly Negotiated Wage Labor for $5 an Hour

Surround yourself with positivity, exploit all marketing outlets, choose a specialized skill—this is the repetitive wisdom passed on to every budding creative entrepreneur. Less often do we hear advice like, “increase the price of an invoice,” or “make it non-negotiable,” especially as it relates to the gendered wages within self-employment.

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Fake Planet's Apocalyptic Prediction Gains Internet Cachet on YouTube

On Saturday, September 23, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter will conjoin in the constellation of Virgo. Though this celestial event is no news to astrologers or astronomers, David Mead, an amateur stargazer and evangelist, is gaining internet cache by using numerology and the bible to ‘predict’ the world’s demise in another several days.

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Silicon Valley Now Wants to Put Your Local Mom-and-Pop Bodega Out of Business

Two Google-vets are trying to change where you stop to get your snack. With their new concept business, daftly called “Bodega,” they are trying to rebrand a rent-free, scent-free version of your local corner store, making it into something that looks like an Ikea-empowered vending machine.

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Water Just Got Healthier - or So PepsiCo Wants You to Think

This year PepsiCo released a new line of water called Lifewtr, a pH-balanced drink sparkling with electrolytes purportedly meant to “[fuse] creativity and design to serve as inspiration for hydration.”

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