Sophia Lepore

7 Things You Use Every Day That Contain Palm Oil

People don’t usually think about the destruction of rainforests while washing their hands, applying lipstick, or doing laundry. But thanks to high demand for products containing palm oil, which is derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree, consumers are inadvertently contributing to deforestation.

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Will Hearing From Garment Workers Finally Change Fast Fashion?

When I think of my great-grandmother in Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is the perfectly matched shirt and pant sets she wore. A survivor of both World Wars, she sewed her own garments out of necessity. Unlike my great-grandmother, when I need a new outfit, I head to the mall. My inability to sew leaves me wondering, Who is making my clothes?

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Nearly Half of College Kids Go Hungry - Even With Jobs and Financial Aid

Between balancing school, work, and a social life, students have more than enough to think about without worrying where their next meal is coming from. However, a new, expansive study on student food insecurity published Wednesday found that despite receiving student loans and maintaining paying jobs, nearly half of all college students lack a sufficient food resource.

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Even Organic Baby Food Might Still Contain Lead

When it comes to bringing up baby, conscientious moms and dads want the best-quality products money can buy. But as a new analysis on baby and toddler foods shows, higher prices and organic labels don’t always mean a product is free of potentially harmful contaminants.

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