Socialist Worker

Making May Day a Day for Solidarity

You can say one thing for sure about Donald Trump: He's making America protest again.

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How Our Universities Teach Violence

Last week, a student came into a laboratory in the Electrical Engineering Department at my university, while class was in session, and shot a fellow student dead. Both the victim and the shooter were seniors--about to go out and start their lives in the world.

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Portland Students Stage Walkout In Support of Teachers

Some 70 students walked out of Wilson High School on December 13 to demand smaller class sizes and show their support for the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT), which is in the midst of heated contract negotiations with the Portland Public Schools (PPS).

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'Read-in' Planned to Defend Zinn's Legacy

Scholars, activists and radicals from across the country are planning to gather on November 5 to celebrate the life and work of radical historian Howard Zinn.

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