Shira Tarrant

Super Bowl 2014 Will Serve Up New Crop of Sexist Ads, But This Year You Can Tweet Back

Some are suggesting that this year’s advertisements are less sexist than the past. Is this true? Probably not.

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Why Men Can Be Good for Feminism

Feminism is a dirty word. It conjures images of whiny, bitchy women with sanctimonious complaints about men. And the men who call themselves “feminist”? If they aren’t simply whipped, then supposedly it’s a label they invoke as a cheap ploy at getting laid. Or so the story goes.

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Is Porn Racist?

In her new book, Pornland (Beacon Press), author Gail Dines argues that our sexuality is hijacked by the multi-billion-dollar-a-year porn industry. (See my three-part interview with Gail here, here, and here.) Dines also argues that pornography is racist. But not everyone agrees.

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