Shay O'Reilly

A Guide to Resisting Debt -- For Students and the Rest of Us

If you want a print copy of Occupy Wall Street offshoot Strike Debt’s first publication, you’ll have to wait. The 5,000 first-run copies of the Debt Resistors' Operations Manual vanished into backpacks, purses, jacket pockets, and tote bags over Occupy Wall Street’s anniversary weekend, and until a second printing, the Occupy guide to debt in America can only be acquired online.

The guide has 122 pages of information about the vagaries of debt. Consider it a manual to the surprisingly secretive world of financial trouble, where more and more Americans—and especially students—are disoriented and lost. 

Nearly 20 percent of American households have student loan debt; last year, student loan debt outpaced credit card debt for the first time in American history. Graduates who find themselves with incredible financial burdens and few job opportunities face isolation and uncertainty. Though burgeoning student debt played a key role in its inception, the book takes a broader approach, castigating the current economic system for forcing poor and middle-class people to increasingly rely on debt to finance daily necessities.

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