Sarah Irani

11 Dangerous Ingredients You Should Avoid at All Costs

The greener we become, the more we have to scrutinize. I for one have cleaned up my home, my diet, my cleaning products and of utmost importance the products I put on my skin. I’m an avid ingredient reader and do the research -- after all, my skin is the largest organ in my body! Here’s a list of some common skin and hair care chemicals we all need to avoid.

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15 Must-Read Books That Will Forever Change How You See the World

Some say print books are passé, but I still like curling up on the couch with a mind-expanding read. Here are my top picks for ecological and sustainable reading.

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15 Horrifying Reasons to Never Let Anyone You Love Near a McDonald's

This is the 5th most popular AlterNet article of 2009.

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