Sarah Darer Littman

Groupthink Rules in Silicon Valley and the Education Disruption Industry

According to a recent story in the New York Times, some Silicon Valley technologists are going through an existential crisis about the consequences of the technology they’ve created. The wealth they’ve amassed from that technology gives them the luxury to head down to the newly renovated Esalen resort in Big Sur to contemplate the meaning of their lives and where they go from here.

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The Super Wealthy Oxycontin Family Supports School Privatization With Tactics Similar to Those That Fueled the Opioid Epidemic

The notoriously secretive Sackler family, also known as the OxyContin Clan, has been the subject of much scrutiny of late, including lengthy exposés in the New Yorker and Esquire shining a harsh light on the connection between the drug that made the Sacklers wealthy and their philanthropic giving. But there is another troubling beneficiary of Sackler largesse that has escaped public scrutiny: charter schools. OxyContin heir and Purdue Pharma director Jonathan Sackler is a major funder of charters and an extensive network of pro-charter advocacy groups.

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