Sara Novak

Feds Target Amish Raw Milk Farmer in Sting Operation

The Feds have it out for Amish Farmer Dan Allgyer in Pennsylvania. In fact, according to Grist they conducted "covert operations" on him for some serious law breaking in the form of raw milk distribution, claiming he's violated a federal law by crossing state lines delivering his raw milk.

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Food Addictions Scientifically Similar to Drug Addictions

I've always contended that much of the reason why our nation is morbidly obese in addition to our culture of fast food and lack of exercise, is that we don't deal with the root of the problem. The emotional aspect of serious overeating has to be dealt with in order to combat the problem. And new data shows this to be true.

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Are Saturated Fats Really The Enemy?

The 1980s were marked by a low fat, high carbohydrate diet. We snacked on microwave popcorn, cereal, and low fat turkey sandwiches. But that all changed in the 1990s when the low carb craze took a hold of our nation. It was all about proteins in the form of meats and dairy. Traditional products like yogurt and chocolate were available in the low sugar or low carbohydrate variety.

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Reefer in a Bottle? The New Sedating Sodas

I talked a lot last week about the dangers of energy drinks. From seizures to cardiac arrest, extreme caffeine highs are proving unsafe. But this latest trend turns former ideas about our fast-paced society on its head. According to a story on 

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5 Unexpected Foods That Prevent Insomnia and 5 Foods That Promote It

You've heard it a thousand times: if you want to fall asleep you have to give up caffeine. So you've done that and you still can't seem to sleep through the night. Well, your diet has a huge bearing on the way you feel especially if a sleep deficiency has become a part of your life. Choose foods that promote sleep rather than keeping you up all night.

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5 of the Weirdest New Genetically Modified Foods

Who would have known 20 years ago that so many of the foods that we eat would be produced in a lab rather than nature? Scientifically designed seeds are becoming a larger than ever portion of our diet and for the most part, it's difficult for the consumer to even realize it because of a lack of labeling. According to Sustainable Table, about 200 million acres of farmland worldwide are now used to grow genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The most common GMO crops are soybeans, which represent 63 percent of all GMO crops, corn at 19 percent, cotton at 13 percent, and canola at 5 percent.

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Could the Twinkie Diet Really Lead to Weight Loss?

When I first read about the so-called "Twinkie Diet" all I could think about was one of my favorite fad diets of all time, the Ice Cream Diet (yes, it's real!). When I was in college how I wished I could lose weight on a diet of frozen heavy cream in a variety of flavors. But a week later, down a few pounds of water weight and with a stomach ache that rivaled getting kneed in the gut by my older brother, I realized the diet was a fluke. The Twinkie Diet has many of the same characteristics although much more interesting in nature.

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The Trials of Raising Chickens in Your Own Backyard

I've written about raising your own chickens before over at TreeHugger. In fact, my native Columbia, S.C. is moving to vote on a city ordinance that will permit the backyard birds. For those of us that enjoy local eggs, there is simply no comparison between them and the mass produced variety. The flavor is so completely different that most people become converts on first taste. Backyard birds are just another way to enjoy the best in local foods.

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