Samantha Winslow

Chicago Teachers to Strike for Public Schools and Services

Just in time for the 2016 Labor Notes Conference, the Chicago Teachers Union is planning a one-day strike and citywide day of action April 1. The union’s governing body, the House of Delegates, gave its stamp of approval to the action last night.

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L.A. Teachers Take on Entire Charter School Chain to Fight For Union Rights

Teachers and counselors at Los Angeles’ largest charter school chain are thinking big.

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A Teacher Decodes the Common Core

Teachers, and some of their unions, are fired up about the new Common Core State Standards.

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How Charter Schools Promote a Two-Tier System of Education

As an antidote to the “grow grow grow” mentality of the elected officials and business leaders pushing charter schools, a recent report by University of Oregon professor and political economist Gordon Lafer outlines what’s wrong with privatization of public schools.

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L.A. Teachers Are Engaged in a Visionary Battle Over Much More Than Their Own Wages

For Los Angeles teacher Alex Caputo-Pearl, if there was ever an example of how his union needed to change direction, it was November’s “Rally for a Raise.”

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Major Charter School Chain's Classrooms Look Like Cubicles for Telemarketers

From Silicon Valley, the Rocketship chain of charter schools is hoping to expand across the country. It’s backed by some of the biggest names in the tech world and claims high test scores.

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An iPad on Every Desk? A Trojan Horse, Teachers Say

A group of Los Angeles teachers and students says their school district’s plan to distribute iPads to every student is too good to be true.

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Are the Chicago School Closings Racist?

On Wednesday, March 27, Chicago police arrested 127 people involved in the protest action -- a sit-in that took place during rush hour in front of City Hall on LaSalle Street -- mentioned in this article. This article has been updated.

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L.A. Teachers' Union Beats Back Attempt by Bloomberg, Rhee and Murdoch to Buy School Board

The Los Angeles teachers union squeaked out a victory in yesterday’s L.A. school board election, beating back corporate donors who flushed millions of dollars into an effort to unseat an independent school board leader.

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