Sam Levin

Why Did Facebook Give the Right-Wing 'Weekly Standard' Fact-Checking Duties?

A conservative news organization has been approved to partner with Facebook to fact-check false news, drawing criticisms that the social media company is caving to rightwing pressures and collaborating with a publication that has previously spread propaganda.

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You Won't Believe the 'Evidence' They're Using to Prosecute Trump's Election Day Protesters

Federal prosecutors targeting anti-Trump protesters are relying on video evidence from Project Veritas, a far-right group under fire this week for allegedly trying to dupe the Washington Post with a false story of sexual misconduct.

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California Adopts 'Sanctuary State' Immigration Law in Snub to Trump

California has adopted the most expansive “sanctuary state” law in the US with the goal of obstructing Donald Trump’s deportation agenda by prohibiting police in the country’s most populous state from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

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Facebook and Google Promote Politicized Fake News About Las Vegas Shooter

Facebook and Google promoted false news stories claiming that the shooter who killed more than 50 people in Las Vegas was a Democrat who opposed Donald Trump. The misidentification spread rapidly from dark corners of the internet to mainstream platforms just hours after hundreds were injured at a festival near the Mandalay Bay casino, the latest example of fake news polluting social media amid a breaking news story.

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LGBT Groups Denounce 'Dangerous' Artificial Intelligence that Uses Your Face to Guess Sexuality

A Stanford University study showing that artificial intelligence (AI) can accurately guess whether people are gay or straight based on their faces has sparked a swift backlash from LGBT rights activists who fear this kind of technology could be used to harm queer people.

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Sexual Harassment and the Sharing Economy: The Dark Side of Working for Strangers

When a male customer grabbed Melissa’s breast, she didn’t bother reporting it to DoorDash, the on-demand food delivery service that hired her as a driver.

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Republican Candidate Charged With Assault After 'Body-Slamming' Guardian Reporter

The Republican candidate for Montana’s congressional seat has been charged with misdemeanor assault after he is alleged to have slammed a Guardian reporter to the floor on the eve of the state’s special election, breaking his glasses and shouting: “Get the hell out of here.”

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San Bernardino Elementary School Shooting Leaves Two Dead

A shooting at an elementary school classroom in San Bernardino, California has left two adults dead and two students injured on Wednesday, according to law enforcement.

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Big Pharma's Anti-Marijuana Stance Aims to Crush the Competition, Activists Say

As marijuana legalization swept the US in November, Arizona was alone in its rejection of legal weed. There, a pharmaceutical company called Insys was a major backer of the successful campaign to stop the state’s recreational cannabis measure, publicly arguing that pot businesses would be bad for public health and endanger children.

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