Rula Al-Nasrawi

8 Creative, Unpredictable Ways People Are Enjoying Marijuana

Today, Americans who use pot live in fear of prison or worse for accessing an alternative medicine that is often more effective than pharmaceutical prescriptions—or just choosing to enjoy a drug that's safer, mellower and far less addictive than alcohol. So, they're forced to toke in secret; but it is no secret that Americans love pot. The drug is the third most popular substance in the country, coming in not-to-far behind alcohol and tobacco. And yet, it remains federally illegal. Despite legalization in Washington, Colorado and other states on the way, U.S.marijuana policy has a long way to go. Pot arrests are still incredibly high, with over 750,000 recorded in 2012 across the country, and marijuana arrest rates tripling between 1991 and today. 

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6 Psychedelic Trips From Legal Drugs You Probably Didn't Know About

Where there’s a law, there’s always someone finding a way around it. For people who like to experiment with drugs, that law is probably the Controlled Substance Act, which keeps most drugs that can get you high strictly illegal, black-market items. Because of the U.S. war on drugs, getting caught with a prohibited substance like weed, LSD or magic mushrooms can lead to more than a minute in jail. But people who like to experiment with drugs—whether to expand their minds or just escape—know they don’t always have to go to a disheveled pot dealer on a skateboard or a 45-year-old coke dealer in a tinted-window vehicle for a recreational drug experience. Some of these drug explorers have sifted through various items that are legally available in drug stores, your kitchen or your own backyard, played with the dosages and combinations, and written down their experiences for the Internet to see.

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Meet the Company That Can Start Growing Marijuana in Greenhouses Across the US on 48 Hours Notice

State by state, the nation is beginning to chip away at marijuana prohibition. Especially since Colorado and Washington legalized the herb for recreational purposes last year, whispers of legalization and decriminalization are spreading like wildfire. But cultivation of the plant is still federally illegal, and often as states legalize either medically or recreationally, they find themselves in short supply.

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Will Ireland Be the Next Country to Legalize Pot?

Apparently Ireland may have another lucky leaf.

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Use of Flesh-Rotting 'Zombie' or Krokodil Drug Appears to be Spreading

Since its apparent debut in the U.S, reports of the flesh-eating drug desomorphine, more commonly known as krokodil, or the “zombie drug” have slowly begun to show up all over the country. Krokodil first made its public appearance in Russia in 2002 due to the country’s lack of drug treatment facilities and increase in opiate use. People living at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder have turned to this drug for a heroin-like high because it’s 10 to 20 times cheaper than the real stuff.

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