Rowan Jacobsen

From Farm to Table: How to Build a Real Sustainable Food Movement

AlterNet Editor's Note: The following is reprinted from Orion Magazine. Request a free trial issue of Orion at This important article details a key area of problems that America's growing army of small food producers in America are facing as they try to expand their businesses: the cost of infrastructure. Jacobson explains, "Whether it is the stringent requirements for slaughtering and processing meats, the cost of building a production or storage facility, the learning curve regarding food-safety regulations, or the dearth of distribution options, many small-scale food artisans find it discouragingly difficult to grow beyond the booth at the farmers’ market." The trapped producers face a compounding difficulty that they end up competing with each other more and more for the same market share, and can't reach into the larger food market dominated by huge food chains and distributors.

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