Robin Lindley

How the race-baiting invective of Rush Limbaugh on the Obama presidency led to Trump

Ultimately, the right wing needs white racial anxiety. In fact, it cannot survive without it.

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The history of the United States is the history of empire

Although most Americans are familiar with the “logo map” of 48 contiguous states, the story of empire and America’s possessions beyond the North American continent has been largely overlooked.

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How a Racist Is Made - and Unmade

"The embrace of Jim Crow as a way of life and a system of beliefs for white southerners was powerful and seductive. White supremacy is a noxious weed that plants deep roots. I know this first hand. But I also know that racism can be overcome." – Charles B. Dew, "The Making of a Racist"

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How Our Stone-Age Brains Get in the Way of Smart Politics

How can a narcissistic billionaire blowhard who stirs anger and hatred become a leading candidate for the presidency of a great democracy? How can shark attacks or football scores affect how a citizen votes? Why do millions of voters still believe that President Barack Obama is a Muslim and that he was born in Kenya? Why do we tend to make political decisions based on emotion rather than reason? 

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