Rob Johnson

The Real Story of Detroit's Collapse: Banks Count, People Don't

As a Detroit Native, I do not know many people who are more devout Detroit Red Wing fans than I am. Yet when I read David Sirota’s words in the article... ["Don't Buy the Right-Wing Myth About Detroit"] it gave me pause.

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Showdown Against the Greedy Bankers in Chicago

Editor's Note: As David Moberg of In These Times writes, "Just as the showdown over financial reform is heating up in Congress and the media, a coalition of dozens of community organizations, unions, religious groups and other progressive organizations are mobilizing their own “Showdown in Chicago” during the American Bankers Association convention. ... The protest, with thousands expected, follows a week of progress in taming an out-of-control financial system." Sunday saw the kickoff of the protests, described by Rob Johnson below.

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