Richard Faulk

Is It Possible to Be Physically Addicted to Marijuana?

Much of the discussion of cannabis addiction falls under the purview of psychology, where self-reported feelings and more-or-less arbitrary clinical definitions tend to dominate. Obviously, there are psychological drivers for marijuana use, which are well known to include feelings of existential dread in the face of a long, sober evening and a growing sense of dissatisfaction with basic-cable reruns of Hart to Hart. But what about the un-spinnable physical truth of the body? Are there biochemical aspects to those addicted to marijuana?

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Medical Cannabis Can Help You Heal From Hepatitis C

Although Hepatitis C can be treated effectively, and may even clear up on its own, there is evidence that cannabis can help heal the liver. But it’s vague. A 2005 review of the medical literature concluded that cannabinoids “appear to be involved in several aspects of acute and chronic liver disease.” Another review from that year was both more upbeat and less precise: Cannabis, it said, presents “an exciting interventional landscape.”

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What Happens When You Suddenly Stop Using Marijuana?

Back in 1994, there were lots of things we were undecided about: Raves, were they the pied-piper of the techno-tribal revolution, or unrelenting embarrassment? Bill Clinton—corrupt, lying philanderer, or charming, lying philanderer? Brenda or KellyZima or death?

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Can Marijuana Help With Anorexia?

Given the proven power of cannabis to promote weight gain in chemotherapy and AIDS patients, it’s reasonable to ask whether weed might help in cases of anorexia nervosa. The clinical evidence, though slight, is a resounding No! No, no, no, no, no. It is a bad idea. Terrible. Wretched. Did we mention it’s not so great?

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Marijuana Works Better Than Sleeping Pills For Insomnia

One of the most common home-remedy uses for cannabis is as a natural sleep aid or cure for insomnia. There is no shortage of discussion on the matter—pitting the power of Cannabis sativa against that of C. indica, weighting the virtues of eating versus smoking, and calibrating the optimal balance between THC and CBD. Much of this speculation is impassioned, some if it is persuasive, and all of it is anecdotal.

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