Rev. William Alberts

Sanitizing the 21st Century’s Worst War Crime

Recently, my wife Eva and I were watching Jeopardy’s Teachers Tournament – the quiz show our evening ritual. This special competition was held in Washington’s DAR Constitution Hall – the atmosphere patriotically flavored by a wall-sized painting of the American flag wrapping around the stage. One of the Jeopardy categories was about “feelings.” As I recall, and am paraphrasing here, the statement to be answered was: “The two conflicting feelings that describe the beginning of the Iraq war.” The answer: “What are ‘shock and awe’?” Jason Sterlacci, a sixth-grade English teacher from Union, New Jersey, gave the correct response, and went on to win the $100,000 grand prize. An award-winning, 26 million viewers’ trivia quiz game, in its 32nd season, that reduced to trivia the worst war crime of the 21st century.

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