Rev. Dr. William Barber

8 Reasons the Senate Must Reject Jeff Sessions

On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held confirmation hearings to consider the first of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominations, Sen. Jefferson B. Sessions of Alabama. Twenty-six years ago, this same committee denied Sessions a recommendation for the federal bench. “Most of Reagan’s judicial appointments have been people with impressive credentials regardless of their ideologies,” the editors of the LA Times wrote. “Sessions is a different story.”

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A Dying Mule Always Kicks the Hardest

The reactionary wave that swept across America with the election of Donald Trump is not an anomaly in our history. It is an all-too-familiar pattern in the long struggle for American reconstruction.

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Reverend: The True Charleston Killer Remains at Large

In Luke 23:34, Jesus says, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

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