Rebecca Spector

Monsanto Is Suing California for Trying to Inform People That Roundup Causes Cancer

Once again, Monsanto is trying to take away our right to know, this time about carcinogenic chemicals used in household products and places all around us. In January, Monsanto filed a lawsuit against the state of California for its intent to list glyphosate, the main chemical used in Monsanto’s flagship Roundup herbicide, under California's Proposition 65, a law that mandates notification and labeling of all chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and prohibits their discharge into drinking waters of the state.

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Big Food Discriminates Against the Poor by Pushing QR Codes to Label GMOs

It’s no surprise that according to yet another recent poll, Americans overwhelmingly believe they have the right to know if their food is genetically engineered, with roughly 90 percent regularly voicing support of mandatory GMO labeling. The new national survey conducted by the Mellman Group confirms these previous results.

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