Rebecca Smithers

Just Because the Label Says 'Organic' Doesn't Make It So - Study Reveals Big Marketing Deceptions

The makers of many “organic” beauty products have been accused of confusing and meaningless labelling, according to a new survey in which 76% of consumers admitted they felt misled.

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The Surprising Mistake You're Probably Making that Actually Makes Chicken Less Safe to Eat

The government's food watchdog has urged consumers to stop washing chicken before they cook it to avoid contaminating their kitchen with Campylobacter – the most common type of food poisoning in the UK – which can cause death as well as serious health problems.

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10 Food and Drink Companies That Are Making Climate Change Worse

The ‘big 10’ global food and drink companies together emit more greenhouse gases than the Nordic countries and would rank as the 25th most polluting country in the world if grouped together, the international charity and agency Oxfam claims in a new report on Tuesday.

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