Peter Buffett

Trump Embodies the Problems That a Growing Revolution Is Building to Change

Foreigner or native-born. Black lives or all lives. Female or male. Winners or losers. You’re either with us or against us.

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Musician Peter Buffett, Son of Famed Investor, Confronts Gross Injustices of American Capitalism

Peter Buffett and his wife, Jennifer, head up the NoVo Foundation, whose $1 billion endowment was made possible by Peter's father, famed investor Warren Buffett. Last year, Peter wrote a scathing opinion piece in the New York Times that called out traditional philanthropy for treating symptoms while ignoring the underlying systemic issues. Now that the dust has settled, Peter Buffett sat down with Gar Alperovitz, longtime advocate for a transition to a more just, equitable, and sustainable economic system, for a conversation about hope, change, personal commitment, and community roots.

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