Peter Bradshaw

2015 Oscar Snubs: 'Selma,' 'Mr. Turner,' and 'Inherent Vice' Deserved More

Just as the Skibbereen Eagle grandly warned Kaiser Wilhelm in 1914 that it had its eye on him, so film reviewers feel moved to bellow their disapproval at the Academy. Only today I have been reflecting on movie journalists’ excitable habit of taking awards nominations far too personally. Now I found myself doing it as well: snarling, bridling, whimpering and finally standing up and stepping away from my laptop so that I could petulantly stamp my foot for about five minutes.

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Robin Williams Remembered: 'A Remarkable Performer, a Brutal Shock'

Robin Williams was a superb, mercurial standup comic with a staggering talent for improv and verbal riffing, though his movie career finally evolved into an intriguing split – sugary sentimentality or an ambiguous, menacing darkness. Something similar happened with Steve Martin and Jerry Lewis. The “Mr Hyde” in Robin Williams’s movie persona was well known.

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