Peter Bloom

The real global threat to 21st century freedom is authoritarian capitalism — not democratic socialism

Only days after firmly establishing himself as the clear Democratic nominee frontrunner with a decisive victory in the Nevada caucus last week, Bernie Sanders found himself mired in a fresh controversy. In a widely watched and shared primetime interview he appeared to partially support recently deceased former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, condemning his authoritarianism while praising his mass literacy campaign and health program. Whatever the historical veracity of these arguments, it raised fears again of Sanders supposed "communist" sympathies as a self-described "democratic socialist."

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The politics of distraction: Republican and Democrats are both exploiting Trump's racism to avoid dealing with real issues

Last week, President Trump ignited perhaps his most vile and controversial tweetstorm yet.

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The dangerous truth about Trump’s racism: White power, elite rule and justified privilege

Last week, President Trump set off a political firestorm that sent shock waves across the US and the world when he tweeted that four non-white progressive congresswomen—Reps. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Ilhan Omar, who all but one were born in the US—should “...go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” These words were immediately condemned by Democrats, who only days before had been close to a political Civil War between its progressive and “centrist” wings. Republicans, by contrast, remained largely silent, deafening in their complicity with Trump’s explicit racism.

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Bernie Sanders' performance on Fox News busts the myth of the divisive left

Bernie Sanders shocked the mainstream establishment this week by appearing on a Fox News Town Hall. Even more surprisingly, he was triumphant on a station most known for its fervent support for Trump and extreme Conservatism. In the citadel of right wing media he effectively and convincingly promoted progressive policies such as medicare for all. Even if only for a night, he showed that a left wing agenda that promised to address people's real economic and social problems could unify the country in a common radical purpose.

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Should Sanders Build a Progressive Movement All the Way to the Convention and Beyond?

Bernie Sanders won 18 more pledged delegates than Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, but still is more than 300 delegates behind her—and that doesn't include the Democratic Party's 467 superdelegates who have lined up behind her, compared to 26 for him. 

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