Peter Birkenhead

Democrats Need to Fight for Impeachment - It's the Only Antidote to the Trump's Lies

Living through the Trump era is like being critically ill yet being denied the medicine that could make you better.

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The GOP’s Destructive Vietnam Mythology: How the Right’s Self-Glorifying Delusions Led to Decades of Avoidable War

It only took about five years from the fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975, for the American right to succeed in burying the moment under mounds of revisionist horse shit. Ronald Reagan, speaking at a campaign appearance in the summer of 1980, said,

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Why Do We Let New Atheists and Religious Zealots Dominate the Conversation About Religion?

“Religion” is a big word, maybe too big. It is one of those words, like “artist,” capacious enough to denote both a thing and its near opposite. Religion is the Tao Te Ching and Dianetics.  Augustine and Koresh. Hillel and Kahane, Rumi and bin Laden.

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Why the White South Is Still in Denial About Slavery

The menu at the Cabin was long, one of those unwieldy, laminated mega-menus that grace the tables of roadside diners and chalets everywhere, and reflected a classic attention to theme (gumbo burger, gumbo omelet, gumbo). If the menu had been covered in tinfoil, I would’ve had a late-summer tan by the time I reached the dessert page. When our waiter approached, I asked — in what I imagined was a small act of clever, Yankee defiance — if the gumbo was any good.

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