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Memphis Cops Caught on Tape Beating Transsexual Prisoner

Our trans brothers and sisters are human beings. How difficult is this concept to grasp for the bigots out there? I'm sick and angered by story after story about grown adults -- in this case a law enforcement officer sworn to serve and protect everyone -- acting like violent brutes out of fear and ignorance. And all the while they are enabled by others who look on and do nothing. Memphis station WMC-TV has the video. You must watch it.

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Republican Revolt

Bob Barr has jumped into the race as a Libertarian candidate. Will this siphon off some of the disaffected Republicans voters who cannot stand McSame, or is this just a blip.
Former Republican Rep. Bob Barr launched a Libertarian Party presidential bid Monday, saying voters are hungry for an alternative to the status quo who would dramatically cut the federal government.
His candidacy throws a wild card into the White House race that many believe could peel away votes from Republican Sen. John McCain given the candidates' similar positions on fiscal policy.
...Barr first must win the Libertarian nomination at the party's national convention that begins May 22. Party officials consider him a front-runner thanks to the national profile he developed as a Georgia congressman from 1995 to 2003.
Barr, 59, quit the Republican Party two years ago, saying he had grown disillusioned with its failure to shrink government and its willingness to scale back civil liberties in fighting terrorism.
The Freepi are alternately seeing this as a good thing or a disaster spoiler situation.

And look at this fun -- McCain is going to have a pain in the posterior as Ron Paul's revolutionaries are plotting a "convention revolt." The GOP convention may be more interesting than expected.

Mildred Loving Passes Away

Those of us eagerly waiting for the day when same-sex marriage is finally legalized across the land owe a debt of gratitude to Mildred Loving, whose 1967 case (Loving v. Virginia) resulted in a landmark Supreme Court decision that broke down a major social and legal barrier - interracial marriage.

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NC Robo-Call Investigation Broadens - NAACP Files Complaint

As I said last Tuesday, "Stop messing with my primary!" and "All I know is that this better not be connected to the Clinton campaign." That was a desperate wish for it to be some right-wing scheme to suppress votes. You just don't want to deal with an internal problem of this nature.

I posted the above statements before it was revealed by Facing South's investigation that the source of the misleading and illegal robo-calls in NC was the progressive DC non-profit Women's Voices Women Vote. It's still not clear what on earth really went on, but WVWV has been on a swift offensive to dispel any suggestion that there was purposeful deception.

Be that as it may, the NC attorney general is investigating, and over the weekend, Sue Sturgis of Facing South reported that the NC NAACP filed a complaint against WVWV.

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Not Enough Evidence for Hate Crime Charge in Student Slaying

This is a follow up to a post from last September, "Is the Newark triple murder an anti-gay hate crime?". At the time there was a call to investigate whether the execution-style slaying of Terrance Aeriel, 18, Dashon Harvey, 20, and Iofemi Hightower, 20, was motivated because of the orientation of one or more of the victims.

Leaders in the LGBT community as well as law enforcement have found that the families don't want any part of a perception that their children might have been gay. This is just sad.

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Day Of Silence Is Wrong Because Gay Sex Kills?

He's at it again. This time the "like-minded man" with Concerned Women for America is comparing homosexuality to smoking, drinking, toking and hitting the crack pipe. This, friends, is how he objects to the Day of Silence.

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The Post-Substantive Debate

I didn't bother turning on the presidential debate held in Pennsylvania tonight; thank goodness I didn't. Based on the blow-by-blow, the majority of it involved ignoring actual issues -- oh, say Iraq, health care, the economy. Apparently ABC's Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos thought it would inform viewers more about where either candidate would take the country if they dredged up the various bloody political battles/scandals/bloopers of the campaign for deeper analysis.

For those who did watch, did they bring up the latest flap over Hillary's 1995 comments about lunch-bucket Dems (the demo she's cozying up to these days):

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More Chatter About Condi for VP

On ABC's This Week, the idea that Condoleeza Rice is actively pursuing the VP slot continues. GOP strategist Dan Senor floated it again.

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Superdelegates Hiding from Wrath of Clintons

Will these superdelegates come out of the political closet? Mike Lux at Open Left, on fearful superdelegates who want support Obama but would prefer to not publicly declare lest they piss the Clinton machine off:

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Jay Leno Confuses Homophobia with Humor Yet Again

WTF is wrong with the Tonight Show host? Has he so little creativity that he has to stoop to lame humor like this over and over? Melissa:
Last night, Ryan Phillippe was on The Tonight Show, which gave Jay Leno the opportunity to do one of his favorite things: Laugh at gay men!

Now, Phillippe isn't gay, but he played Billy Douglas on One Life to Live, which was the first out gay teen character on American daytime television-and Phillippe was once naked in a jeans commercial, so that's good enough for Jay.  Says Andy (who's got the video): "[T]he first topic Leno brought up was Phillippe's first acting role as a gay teen on One Life to Live. No matter that the role was a serious one in which a gay son came out to his father. Leno had to squeeze as much of a joke out of the fact that his first acting role was a gay part, even asking Phillippe to look into the camera and give his 'gayest look'."
Avenue Q scribe Jeff Whitty actually wrote an infamous missive to Leno to clue him in that the late-night host's homo-humor is, well, not amusing in the least. A snippet is below the fold.

Jeff Whitty in 2006:
I know you know gay people, Mr. Leno. Are they just jokes to you, to be snickered at behind their backs? Despite the angry tenor of my letter, I suspect you're a better man than that. I don't bother writing letters to the "God Hates Fags" people, or Donald Wildmon, or the pope. But I think you can do better. I know it's The Tonight Show, not a White House press conference, but you reach a lot of people.
I caught your show when you had a tired mockery of Brokeback Mountain, involving something about a horse done up in what you consider a "gay" way. Man, that's dated. I turned the television off and felt pretty fucking depressed. And now I understand your gay-baiting jokes have continued.

Yes it has, even after Whitty had a phone chat with Jay and was convinced the TV night owl wasn't a homophobe back in 2006.

The other night Ryan Philippe was so appalled by Jay's lame Brokeback appeal to give his gayest look, that he said "Wow. That is so something I don't want to do."

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