Olivia Nuzzi

Joe Scarborough and Other Republicans' Complete Hypocrisy on the IRS and Political Speech

On Monday, "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough lambasted The Obama Administration over the IRS' targeting of conservative groups. He referred to the scandal as "mind-boggling" and called on Obama to denounce the IRS's actions. "You can't allow the government to tread on political speech. There is a wall around that. And that wall has been knocked down by the IRS for several years now," continuing, "I can't imagine much worse than this. The Internal Revenue Service - the taxman - to go after political beliefs…It's unspeakable - and the President of the United States - the head of the administration, the head of this government - needs to come out today and condemn this in the harshest terms, demand answers and fire people." 

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As Always, Wild, Unsubstantiated Media Speculation About Muslims Follows Bombing

It is difficult to cover a story when you are looking for a particular outcome. This was underscored by the New York Post when on Monday, less than 90 minutes after the Boston Marathon Bombing, they reported that the police had a suspect - the fifth and sixth words used in their article described him as “Saudi Arabian.” The suspect, they said, was 20 years old and had “suffered severe burns.” The Post cited unnamed “law enforcement sources.” 

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The Truth About Molly, One of America's Top Party Drugs

The abundance of misinformation perpetuated about the recreational drug Molly could give way to harsher legal enforcement if steps are not taken to give Americans an idea of what the drug actually is and what it does. That was the takeaway from "The Truth About Molly," a conference held by Columbia University Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Drug Policy Alliance at Columbia University on Wednesday evening.

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5 Corrupt Things About New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Since last October, Chris Christie has been embraced by President Obama, friended by Mark Zuckerberg, and praised by Bill Maher. In a political time of fracture he’s seemingly been the healer; in a time of discord, he’s been portrayed as leading the singers in Kumbaya -- all five verses.

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Let's Use Boy Scouts to Secure the US-Mexico Border

The following is a satirical piece.

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