Olesia Oleshko

Dead Protesters, Tortured Prisoners: Ukraine At the Point of No Return

The Nigoyan family fled to Ukraine from war-torn Armenia at the beginning of the 1990s. They hoped for a better future for their son Sergiy. He wanted to become an actor, but his dream never came true. He went to Maidan to protest against the government's crack down at people's rights and freedoms and was shot dead on January 22. He was 20. 

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How Ukraine's Leader Turned His Nation Into An Island of Dictatorship

In response to two-month-long public demonstrations, President Viktor Yanukovych took his chance to establish a police state in Ukraine. On January 16, the president's Party of Regions together with allies from the Communist Party of Ukraine voted for a number of controversial laws and amendments that were immediately labeled by media as "dictatorship laws". The legislation which infringes on basic human rights and freedoms sent thousands of Ukrainians to the streets on January 19 for a new mass protest.

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