4 Ways to Make Your Coffee Habit More Eco-Friendly

This one is gonna hurt. Although the brew that 62 percent of Americans rely on to perk up each morning has some amazing health upsides, it also comes with some complex environmental impacts. Unless you buy, make, and schlep your cup of joe with care, you could be hurting the planet. Here’s how to be a more mindful coffee consumer.

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5 Environmental Triumphs Over Trump in 2017

From his flagrant dismissal of the scientific consensus on manmade climate change to his eagerness to see treasured landscapes degraded by extractive industries, Trump’s disregard for clean air, drinkable water, and natural heritage has been relentless during the first year of his presidency. Not only are his anti-environmental actions wrong, but many are illegal. And businesses, politicians, nonprofit groups, and ordinary citizens alike have stepped up to fight his toxic agenda.

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Trump's Plan to Decimate Bears Ears Is Yet Another Affront to Indigenous Groups

It wasn’t enough to hijack a ceremony to honor Navajo code talkers so he could deride a U.S. senator as “Pocahontas.” President Trump now plans to go to Utah on Monday to decimate the Bears Ears National Monument, public land that’s sacred to five tribes of Native Americans.

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Congress Is Preparing to Sacrifice an Entire Whale Species So Fossil Fuel Industry Can Search for Offshore Oil

North Atlantic right whales—the most iconic marine mammal of the U.S. East Coast—are struggling to survive. This year alone has seen the devastating loss of at least 16 whales, leading the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to declare that the species is experiencing an “unusual mortality event.”

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Energy Department Proposes Outrageous, Massive Coal and Nuclear Bailout

Department of Energy (DOE) Sec. Rick Perry just proposed a massive bailout for coal and nuclear power plants. The radical and unprecedented move is couched under a false premise that power plants with fuel located on site are needed to guarantee the reliability of the electricity system. The proposal relies on a mischaracterization of DOE's own recent study of electricity markets and reliability (discussed here), which if anything demonstrated that this kind of proposed action is not justified.

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Leaked Zinke Memo Urges Trump to Shrink National Monuments, Allow Drilling

Despite receiving 2.8 million comments from the public in support of our national monuments, U.S. Department of the Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke has advised President Trump to change the way at least 10 of these treasured areas are managed and to shrink the boundaries of at least four of them.

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Trump, You're Debunked: California Has Added Jobs and Cut Emissions - at the Same Time

New numbers from California show the state added jobs and expanded its economy while cutting greenhouse gas emissions 10 percent between 2004 and 2015. The data from the state's Air Resources Board debunks yet again the tired argument that acting on climate change means sacrificing economic growth.

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Now Trump Is Going After America's National Monuments

On Wednesday, President Trump will unveil his latest effort to undermine our bedrock environmental protections. He will reportedly sign an executive order requiring Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to carry out a review of every national monument created in the past 21 years—both onshore and off.

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Trump EPA Rejects Ban on Pesticide Linked to Learning Disabilities in Children

The Trump administration has rejected a proposed ban on the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos, leaving California kids and communities at risk of exposure to this chemical in food, water and the air. US EPA’s chlorpyrifos evaluation last fall found that the pesticide is unsafe to use in any amount, because use leads to toxic residues on fruits and vegetables, drinking water contamination, and harmful drift from fields in agricultural communities. The chemical is found on numerous common fruits and vegetables at levels up to 14,000 times greater than those previously thought to be safe for kids to eat.

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5 Ways Trump's Far-Reaching Reversal of Obama-Era Protections Risks Our Health, Environment and Climate

President Trump reportedly will sign an executive order Tuesday directing his administration to rewrite the Clean Power Plan; roll back carbon standards for new power plants; stop the current court cases; throw out the government’s method for counting the benefits of cutting dangerous carbon pollution; abandon a moratorium on new coal leases on public lands; and rescind methane standards.

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