The Medical Marijuana Movement Has Lost a Founding Father: RIP, Dennis Peron

The individual most responsible for the medical marijuana movement in CA, and eventually in more than 30 states across this country, was San Francisco gay rights and marijuana advocate Dennis Peron, who died this past weekend from lung cancer at age 71.

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Deputy AG: Marijuana is Federally Illegal and Has No Medical Use

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was questioned about federal marijuana policy during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, and his responses were disconcerting to say the least.

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Nevada Retail Marijuana Sales Will Begin in July

Nevada regulators have approved rules to allow for the expedited sales of cannabis to adults.

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What Would a Federal Marijuana Crackdown Look Like?

Ever since the 2016 election, marijuana legalization supporters have been wondering if President Trump will crack down on state-approved recreational and/or medical marijuana programs. The Heritage Foundation believes it knows the answer.

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Why Trump Should Rethink Starting a War Over Marijuana

Record numbers of voters support regulating the marijuana market and oppose federal efforts to interfere or undermine state laws permitting the plant’s use or sale, according to nationwide polling data released last Friday by Quinnipiac University.

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Maine Becomes Eighth State to Legalize Marijuana

Maine has become the eighth state to eliminate criminal penalties specific to the adult possession and personal use of cannabis.

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Marijuana Regulators Target Home Cultivation

Since its founding, NORML has advocated that statewide legalization efforts – whether through a ballot initiative or using the legislative process – should ideally include provisions that permit and protect the act of home cultivation by marijuana consumers. This advocacy has resulted in more than 16 states now allowing home cultivation, including in six of the eight voter-initiated measures passed in 2016.

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JUST IN: Sessions Evades Firm Answer on State Marijuana Laws, Leaves Door Open for Federal Enforcement

During his confirmation for the position of Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions dodged giving a straight answer on how he will handle states that have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. Unfortunately, his answers did little to clear up his position.

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Why I Oppose the Nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, stated on the floor of the Senate last April, “Good people do not use marijuana”, and in doing so, Sessions defamed countless people. Individuals who are Good People and whom, by the millions, have said, “YES” to responsibly consuming marijuana here in America.

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10 Events That Shaped Marijuana Policy in 2016

#1 Adult Use Marijuana Laws Win Big on Election Day

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