Nick Cahill

Cal State University blasted for $1.5 billion bankroll while hiking tuition

On the backs of tuition hikes and taxpayers, the California State University system has recovered nicely from the Great Recession. Gone are semesters of mandatory teacher furloughs, staff cuts and campus demonstrations during the late 2000s that often resulted in students getting arrested for protesting tuition fees and raises for administrators.

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California Just Might Declare Itself a 'Sanctuary State' for Legal Weed

SACRAMENTO (CN) — A California lawmaker is aiming to protect the state’s budding marijuana industry by barring law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal drug agencies on pot busts.

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Are Californians Supporting Slave Labor When They Buy Shrimp from Costco?

Costco knowingly imports and sells Thai prawns harvested with slave labor, customers said Wednesday in a federal class action.

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