Natasha Chart

Why Do Women Have to Go to Clinics for Abortions?

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This Is What Happens When You Get Cancer in America

Because it's just as appropriate as the first time Dave Johnson tipped me off to it ...

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Hamstringing Environmental Protection for Coal

This may be one of the most important things anyone's said yet about the Waxman-Markey climate bill, or ACES. Ken Ward Jr. writing at The Charleston Gazette shares a quote from the communications director of the United Mine Workers of America, Phil Smith:

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Why Does The Washington Post Hate Social Security?

A person could get the impression that the Washington Post hates to see regular people with retirement security.

Consider that they want to raid their production workers' pension fund as a precondition to negotiating over giving them their first raise in five years. Consider that last October, an unsigned editorial harshed on Hillary Clinton for not wanting to "fix" a system that was "not sustainable," or that this July, one of their reporters misrepresented Obama's and McCain's positions on Social Security in order to suggest that everyone believes the system is "fragile." Consider their in-house columnist, Ruth Marcus.

Marcus was sitting on a panel this March when she declared that the 10 smartest Democrats and 10 smartest Republicans could fix Social Security in two hours if they were all put in a room together for that purpose. Is she ignorant of the fact that the 10 smartest Republicans have spent the last few years trying to dismantle Social Security? One would hope not. She is a DC-based political columnist for the Washington Post, after all.

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