Murtaza Hussain

How Racism Drives the Zeal to Destroy Iran and Maintain Global Hegemony

In 1920, the American historian Theodore Lothrop Stoddard published his famous work "The Rising Tide of Colour Against White World Supremacy". The book is notable today for its frank discussion of the central role that racism played in geopolitics; especially in the context of the Western imperial project in Asia and Africa. In it Stoddard wrote:

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Peace With Iran: The Best Way Barack Obama Could Make History

On the morning of February 17, 1972, President Richard Nixon came out to the White House lawn to deliver a message to the American people about his plan for peace with the People’s Republic of China. China, a nuclear power, had been an implacable rival of the United States since the outset of the Cold War; yet after months of delicate diplomacy Nixon had decided to take the momentous step of making a major state visit to the Hermit Kingdom. 

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Our Govt. Is Turning into a Surveillance State That's Almost Impossible to Stop

The most egregious rights violations tend to happen against the voiceless; those who have neither the platform nor resources to articulate their grievances to the broader world.

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How Cable News Terrorizes America

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and while a massive police manhunt continued for the suspected perpetrator, 19 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, NBC journalist David Gregory would say to American television viewers: "This is a new state of terror the country has to get used to." Given the breathlessly hyperbolic coverage provided by NBC, CNN and many other cable news organisations during the search for Tsarnaev, it is by no means surprising to hear Gregory make such a comment. Whether in the context of entertainment or news media (a distinction which has been increasingly blurred by cable organisations) fear and hysteria always makes for compelling if counter-informative viewing.

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Are the "New Atheists" Bigoted Tools of Empire?

Scientific racism is a term seldom used today but which has a long and ignoble history in the modern world. In the late 18th century, the renowned scientist and philosopher Christoph Meiners published his famous treatise The Outline and History of Mankind. Central to his analysis was a qualitative comparison of peoples by race - a comparison which his own popularly-accepted findings claimed revealed a clear hierarchy.

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