Miriam Elder

Vladimir Putin Revals: Edward Snowden in Moscow Airport But Will Not Be Extradited

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has revealed that the surveillancewhistleblower Edward Snowden is indeed in a Moscow airport, bringing an end to a global guessing game over the US fugitive's whereabouts.

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Where Is Edward Snowden? Reporters Are Chasing Rumors and Shadows, in Russia and Beyond

As the Aeroflot jet bound for Havana rolled away from the gate at Sheremetyevo airport, the question became: was he ever even really here?

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Edward Snowden Seeks Asylum in Ecuador, Via Moscow, Amid Diplomatic Storm

The intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden will on Monday attempt to complete an audacious escape to the relative safety of South America after his departure from Hong Kong escalated already fraught diplomatic relations between the United States and China.

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