Mike Konczal

Bernie's Media Critics and Hillary Clinton Are Wrong: He Knows Exactly How to Break Up The Biggest Banks

Bernie Sanders gave some fairly normal answers on financial reform to the New York Daily News editorial board. Someone sent it to me, and as I read it I thought “yes, these are answers I’d expect for how Sanders approaches financial reform.”

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How Privatizing Government Shovels Cash to Parasitic Corporations and Undermines Democracy

This story was originally published at Salon.

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The Dangerous Conservative Philosophies That Put People Behind Bars

Following Lynn Parramore’s piece on on solitary confinement, it’s important to note that criminal sentencing reform will be on the table in 2011. Collapsing state budgets and ever-increasing prison populations (and the costs associated with them) will force the issue. Republican Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has recently endorsed a plan to help reduce the prison population.

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