Michael Sainato

Climate Denial in the GOP May Be Rampant, but Some Leading Republicans Are Breaking Ranks

A recent survey conducted by three Republican pollsters — Echelon Insights, North Star Opinion Research and Public Opinion Strategies — found that only 54 percent of Republicans believe climate change is real and that mankind plays a role in it. A study from July conducted by the Pew Research Center put those numbers much lower: only 27 percent of Republicans believe climate change is real and manmade, compared to 71 percent of Democrats, and 87 percent of scientists who are members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 

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Nearly 300 Bears Killed in Florida’s First Black Bear Hunt in Decades

It was a sad weekend for bears in Florida. Saturday marked the start of Florida’s first statewide bear hunt since 1972. Wildlife officials ended the season on Sunday after hunters killed 295 bears in just two days, approaching the statewide limit of 320 bears. The hunt had been approved for up to seven days.

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