Michael Montgomery

Sting Operation Finds Cell Phone Smuggling Rampant In Prisons

 A two-year operation to intercept cell phones being smuggled into state prisons by employees has produced modest results and done little to stem the flow of contraband devices to inmates, according to state data.

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Report Alleges Organ Harvesting Ring Linked to Kosovo Officials

European investigators on Tuesday disclosed chilling new details of organ trafficking in Kosovo and Albania, corroborating allegations raised in a 2009 investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network and the BBC.

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Will Legalizing Pot Wipe Out the Black Market?

Supporters of Proposition 19 liken their cause to the lifting of prohibition on alcohol nearly 80 years ago. Making pot legal and regulating it like alcohol, they say, could raise millions in tax revenues and wipe out the black market, along with the social costs associated with it.

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