Matt McDermott

Vegetarians Are Happier Than Meat-Eaters

Yet another reason to adopt a vegetarian diet... Rodale reports that a new study in Nutrition Journal finds vegetarians have lower incidence of depression, anxiety, and other mood problems than their meat-eating neighbors.

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Does the New Climate Bill Provide the Answer to Our Environmental Woes or Just More Handouts for Big Energy?

Well, the Kerry-Lieberman "American Power Act" climate bill has been announced--read the full version or, if you've got less time on your hands, the short summary--and it feels like deja vu.

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Humans Pushing Up Extinction Rates Faster Than Species Can Evolve

You've probably heard the stat that extinction rates are currently somewhere between 100-1000 times historic levels, which is bad enough, but now the Guardian reports the head of the Species Survival Commission for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature says that we've "almost certainly" crossed the threshold where species aren't evolving fast enough to keep up with increasing extinction rates.

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Is Genetically Engineering Animals To Not Feel Pain Really the Solution to Factory Farming?

Last week the New York Times ran an op-ed piece by PhD-to-be philosopher-neuroscientist-psychologist Adam Shriver, from Washington University in St Louis, that really cuts to the heart of one of the deepest issues in the green movement: How does humanity best relate to the other animals on the planet? Shriver starts the assumption that, like it or not factory farming is here to stay in the United States. Therefore, we ought to minimize the pain animals feel in the slaughterhouse... by genetically engineering them to not feel it:

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JPMorgan Chase Cashes in on Destroying the Appalachian Mountains

In light of last week's EPA ruling giving the go ahead to another mountaintop removal coal mine, and the subsequent report from a group of eminent scientists saying, in essence, that no remediation is ever enough to repair the damage mountaintop mining causes, it's worth reminding people that it's not just coal companies that stand to profit from the practice. Banks like JPMorgan Chase also are making a pretty penny from destroying Appalachia, as Gloria Reuben points out in an op-ed for Huffington Post:

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