Only Eight Hurricanes Hit New England in 100 Years: Soon More Will Head for Boston

Scientists have been sounding the alarm for over a decade that climate change is bad news for anyone who lives in the path of hurricanes. With the destruction wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria just this past summer, the connection between climate change and hurricanes has become hard for anyone to ignore.

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What Ancient Corn Farmers Can Teach Us About Engineering Crops for Climate Change

There are more than 50 strains of maize, called landraces, grown in Mexico. A landrace is similar to a dog breed: Corgis and Huskies are both dogs, but they were bred to have different traits. Maize domestication worked the same way.

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How Pollution and Climate Change Hurt Children Most of All

The environmental damage we cause by continuing to burn fossil fuels affects children most, including yours. While the studies on climate change are still emerging, there has been enough research to result in a broad scientific agreement that climate change is negatively affecting children’s health. In fact, one study estimated that about 88 percent of the disease from climate change afflicts children.

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We Know Terrifyingly Little About How Our Bodies Respond to Pollutants, but That's Changing

Bad news: unless you live in a bubble, you are full of contaminants. Somewhat more reassuring news: every other living creature on Earth seems to share this condition with you.

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