Mary Schumacher

Here’s Why There Has Never Been a Death From Cannabis Overdose

They’re popular mantras in the cannabis community: “There have been no overdoses on marijuana,” and “You can’t overdose on marijuana.” On the other side of the fence, there are handfuls of people left who were taught their entire lives that cannabis is a dangerous drug and can indeed lead one to overdose. The truth does not lie in the middle, the truth is that cannabis is simply not toxic, even in high doses.

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Will Citizens Be Able To Grow Their Own Marijuana In New Jersey?

Since Phil Murphy became governor elect, replacing the nation’s least popular governor in history, Chris Christie, New Jerseyites have been waiting with bated breath to see cannabis become legal. Some out of worry, but most out of pure excitement.

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Could California’s Insane Cannabis Tax Cripple the Legal Market?

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 with Proposition 215. It was a time when the wild west was full of marijuana warriors who literally laid down the law — and their lives at times. Which might help explain why California has been so resistant to full on legalization with all its taxes and regulations. Things start sounding more like Nottingham and less like Sherwood Forest when you hear the words “45 percent sales tax.”

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The 7 Worst States In The Union To Get Caught With Cannabis

Sure, it’s easy enough to find out which states aren’t cannabis legal, even for medical, but which of these “dry” states have the most severe penalties for getting caught with the herb? Here’s the breakdown:

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Crime Task Force Report Leaves Sessions Without Ammo in His War on Weed

One of Jeff Sessions’ pet projects is bringing back reefer madness. As he’s publicly likened marijuana to heroin, he certainly isn’t a fan of the herb. He also put together the Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, a think tank of prosecutors and federal law enforcement agents to study the effect of cannabis on the population. It was to be your standard witch hunt, however, according to the AP, the results were “tepid” at best.

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