Marc Lewis

Why Are So Many People Dying from Opiate Overdoses? It's Our Broken Society

The number one killer of Americans under the age of 50 isn’t cancer, or suicide, or road traffic accidents. It’s drug overdoses. They have quadrupled since 1999. More than 52,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year. Even in the UK, where illegal drug use is on the decline, overdose deaths are peaking, having grown by 10% from 2015 to 2016 alone. The “war on drugs” continues – but it’s a war we’re losing.

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A Neuroscientist Explains Why We Need Ecstasy and Ketamine in Place of Prozac and Xanax

What can doctors do to ease emotional pain? The physicians of ancient and medieval times found many plants and plant-derived substances (ie, drugs) that soothed mental as well as physical ills. Rarely did they draw a line between the psychological and physiological benefits of their remedies. Modern medicine has confirmed the overlap of bodily and mental maladies through painstaking research, and yet treatment for psychological problems lags far behind a cascade of stunning advances in the treatment of physical ills – advances that have doubled the human lifespan and improved our quality of life immeasurably.

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Our Brains Are Designed for Addiction - and That's Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

The following is an excerpt from  The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not a Disease by Marc Lewis PhD (PublicAffairs, 2015): 

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Why Is Nicotine Addictive? You Asked Google--Here's the Answer

Animals, including human animals, often find themselves in a state of desire. Desire, the felt motivation to pursue a goal, is how nature gets us to go after the things we need: food, sex, shelter, social status, cigarettes. Wait a minute … cigarettes?

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