Mara Kardas-Nelson

Hillary Clinton Offers Little To Make New Impression in Iowa

When Hillary Clinton unsurprisingly announced that she would run for president earlier this week, she said she wanted to start small.

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Witness Wednesday Protests Launched In Washington To Highlight Tragedy of Longterm Unemployed

In the sweltering mid-day Washington, DC heat yesterday, a small group of members of Congress and community leaders gathered outside of the capitol building.

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You Wouldn't Believe How Easily a Domestic Abuser Can Get a Gun

In his killing rampage, Elliot Rodger targeted women. He isn't the only man in America to do so. National crime statistics suggest that on any given day, three women die at the hands of their intimate partners.

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Progressive Restaurant Owners Stand with Workers to Fight for Better Wages at Big Corporate Food Chains like Pizza Hut and KFC

Of the five of them, only one wears a tie. Another wears a T-shirt. All are under the age of 40; only one is white. All are former restaurant workers, and two are now restaurant owners. Only one lives in DC, the other four making their homes in either Chicago or Philadelphia.

This is not the contingent you expect to see lobbying in the halls of Congress. And that's exactly the point. Members of Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, which represents 13,000 restaurant workers and thousands of consumers uniting to improve restaurant wages and working conditions, and Restaurants Advancing Industry Standards in Employment (RAISE), a ROC initiative made up of 100 restaurant owners supportive of ROC's efforts, are in Washington, D.C., this week to push back against efforts of the National Restaurant Association (NRA), a multi-million-dollar outfit that represents some of the biggest names in corporate food.

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Low-Wage Workers Shame Greedy Restaurant Chains in Massive Protest

Hundreds of low-income workers from around the country demanding better wages, benefits and an end to corporate greed blocked traffic in Washington on Monday morning to start of a day of protests, marches and lobbying Congress for economic justice.

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