Lornet Turnbull

What abortion bans and easy gun access have in common

Abortions and guns. Few issues are as polarizing or have so completely dominated the national discourse in recent years. Across the country, states have passed hundreds of measures to either curb or expand access to both.

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We're still seeking justice and healing 5 years after the Ferguson uprising

Michael Brown Sr. lies stock-still on his back on the floor of an art studio in St. Louis as an artist layers papier-mache on his arms, chest, and torso.

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Kids in the Classroom Can Help Single Moms Rise from Poverty

What are the options when child care suddenly falls through and your next class starts in 15 minutes?

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A Caravan of Grandmas Are Headed to the Mexican Border to Support Immigrant Families

Tina Bernstein remembers the Birmingham Church bombings in 1963 that killed four young school girls. She remembers the fear she felt during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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An Immigrant Under Church Protection in Colorado Is Creating a Coalition to Help Others

It’s been nearly a year since Rosa Sabido packed up nearly three decades of her life, hugged her ailing mother goodbye, and moved into the sanctuary of a Colorado church and into a life of uncertainty.

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Women Are the Most Important Political Force in America

The best and worst part about being a professional troublemaker is that the trouble never ends, Cecile Richards writes in her new memoir, Make Trouble.

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High School Students Demanding Gun Reform Join Rich History of Teen Resistance

Since the Feb. 14 mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the national spotlight has been on the courageous student survivors who have been too outraged to be cast only as victims of tragedy. Rather, they have been activated, calling out lawmakers and demanding gun reforms.

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How to Help Immigrant and Muslim Neighbors

On Orcas Island in the Washington San Juans, a group of local residents is working with immigrants to create contingency plans for what will happen to children if their parents are unexpectedly picked up, detained, or deported.

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How One Small School Is Helping Seed Diversity in the Tech Workforce

Artina Daniels has always been a tinkerer, obsessed with discovering how things around her work.

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National Parks Are Used Mostly by Older White People: Here’s Why That Needs to Change

The breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest seems perpetually in your face—the jagged snow-capped peaks of the Olympics, the rolling mountain ranges of the Cascades.

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