Lisa Gilbert

Impeach Trump — but don't forget complicity of McConnell and GOP

President Donald Trump's abuse of power, corruption and disdain for constitutional values has been evident since he first took office. And his behavior gets worse by the day as he proudly boasts that he can’t be criminally charged while in office.

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Corporate Lobbying Comes at a Price: The Lesson of AT&T’s Michael Cohen Fiasco

AT&T has given companies a lesson on why investors increasingly are seeking information about corporate political spending.

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Shareholder Activists Target Corporate Political Spending

 As corporate money continues to flood our democracy in the form of negative campaign ads and robo calls, people are getting mad and are taking action. This week, corporate CEOs are being put on notice as rallies and other actions are planned in relationship to first-time shareholder resolutions being put forth at 3M and Bank of America’s annual shareholder meetings.

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Show Us Your Money: Why The Senate Must Pass The DISCLOSE Act

This week has showcased a dire need, a need to spotlight the unregulated money overwhelming our democracy. Reform groups, investors, state elected officials and more have demanded that Congress and federal agencies do their jobs and make elections transparent to the people voting in them.

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Business Leaders Demand SEC Regulate Corporate Political Spending

 If you're not a campaign finance wonk, then you may not have noted that a significant anniversary will arrive on this weekend on January 21st. Citizens United vs. FEC.

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