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Fox News Has Gifted Trump with More Than $13 Million in Free Media Value by Airing His Campaign Rallies

Over the past two months, Fox News has aired all six of President Donald Trump’s rallies live and almost entirely uninterrupted, essentially giving the president $13 million in free media.

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BuzzFeed News reported that may be accepting "financial backing" from GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump in exchange for "fawning headlines," according to sources inside the conservative outlet.

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The Five Worst Examples Of Fox News Hosts Trivializing Torture

Fox News Hosts: "We Humiliated A Few Terrorists" And Subjected Them To "A Little Bit Of Cold"

The Five Hosts: "All Of [The Detainees] Got Three Hot Meals." On the December 10 episode of Fox News' The Five, co-hosts Dana Perino and Eric Bolling repeatedly dismissed the severity of torture techniques, referring to the interrogation as "tough talk to some terrorists" and arguing that the tactics could not have been that bad because "[a]ll of them got three hot meals":

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