Lefty Coaster

Adam Schiff responds to NY Times Bolton revelation of Trump's tawdry motives for aid freeze

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Elizabeth Warren adopts Inslee's Climate Plan: 'I’m challenging every other candidate'- to do same

As a former Inslee supporter I was very gratified to see this news.

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Noam Chomsky: We're 'Lucky' Trump Is a Clown - but Our Luck May Be Running Out

Noam Chomsky is one of America’s preeminent intellectuals.  

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Matt Taibbi: 'How the New York Times Sandbagged Bernie Sanders'

Editor's Note: On Monday, the New York Times published an article titled "Via Legislative Side Doors, Bernie Sanders Won Modest Victories" by congressional reporter Jennifer Steinhauer. The piece cast a dim light on Bernie Sanders’ legislative achievements by tacking on his agenda to larger bills, not unlike when Democrats complain that Republicans do this maliciously when making compromises. But as Medium picked up on Tuesday in an article titled “Proof That the New York Times Isn’t Feeling the Bern,” the New York Times’ bias could be tracked publicly thanks to the earlier draft that “many people, including Sanders himself, had already shared ... widely on social media and other sites.” A side-by-side comparison shows how the New York Times’ editors wrote their own pro-Hillary Clinton, anti-Bernie Sanders spin on what should have been a wide sample size of proof of Sanders’ experience getting hard results for his constituents. Matt Taibbi performed a brilliant close analysis of the two articles for Rolling Stone — the original NYT title being the far less harsh “Bernie Sanders Scored Victories for Years Via Legislative Side Doors” — using his experience having written what he calls “essentially the same article nearly 11 years ago” for Rolling Stone, his being titled “Four Amendments and a Funeral.” —Jenny Pierson, AlterNet

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Bill Moyers Volleys Back at Foxman's 'Reprehensible' Smear Tactics on Gaza

Following a kerfuffle over a "genetically coded" remark Moyers made on last week's Journal while addressing Israel's Attack on Gaza, on this week's Journal Bill Moyers explained his remark and gave his assesment of the Israeli attack on Gaza:

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