Laurel Sutherlin

How lipstick, shampoo and cookies are pushing critically endangered elephants to extinction

Can you picture a herd of elephants moving single file through the dense understory of a tropical rainforest? On the island of Sumatra, a high-stakes endgame is unfolding for one of Earth’s most endearing, beloved, emotional and intelligent animals. Field investigation teams with my organization, Rainforest Action Network, have documented alarming evidence of fresh forest clearance within some of the most important remaining lowland rainforests in Indonesia.

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A New Alliance Is Defending Traditional Territories in the Amazon

One of the biggest challenges facing Indigenous and traditional communities fighting to defend their territories around the world is a lack of universally recognized maps and physical markers demarcating the boundaries of their rightful land. While no ironclad protection, the production of official maps and clear territorial markers that communities, governments, courts and extractive corporations can agree upon is one of the most important tools outside allies can help provide to curtail destructive encroachment of ancestral lands. This is a story of direct support from afar facilitating successful efforts of a frontline community in Brazil’s Amazon to demarcate their own traditional lands under siege by outside forces.

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Pepsi, McDonalds, Nestlé, Other Major Brands Implicated in Illegal Destruction of Critical Elephant Habitat (Video)

A Rainforest Action Network field investigation team has documented new evidence of large-scale, illegal rainforest destruction within habitat critical to the survival of the Sumatran elephant, tiger and orangutan. RAN’s research has uncovered supply chain connections that link the rogue palm oil company responsible for the deforestation to major global brands through their shared supplier, Wilmar. The companies implicated include PepsiCo, McDonalds, Nestle, Unilever and Procter and Gamble.

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What You Need to Know About a Worldwide Corporate Power Grab of Enormous Proportions

As international trade negotiators gathered this week at a posh golf resort in rural Virginia to hammer out details of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), they sought to project an image of inclusion and receptivity to public input. In reality, this high-stakes global corporate pact, now in its 14th round of discussions, is heavily guarded by paramilitary teams with machine guns and helicopters as it is developed behind closed doors under a dangerous and unprecedented veil of secrecy.

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