Laura Jamison

How an Indigenous Community Is Boosting Crop Productivity While Conserving the Rainforest (Video)

In the Napo province of Ecuador, the Kichwa people have been cultivating naranjilla—a citrus fruit that looks like a tomato but tastes like a blend of lime and rhubarb—and selling it informally in markets across the country for many years. In fact, naranjilla production has been the primary cash crop for indigenous Kichwa communities in the Hatun Sumaco parish.

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Tree, a Love Story: One Woman's Reflections on Her Home's Aging, 40-Foot Conifer

The tree next to my house is dying. Yet it stands stock straight, a proud, grey obelisk with branches that look thick and defiant at the bottom, frail toward the top. In spring, a smattering of green leaves flutters cheerfully from bone-dry branches. It’s a gesture of optimism I find touching — and a tiny bit heartbreaking.

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