Laura Flanders

Voters in Iowa care more about key issues than Warren-Sanders unity

It was a balmy 70 degrees in New York City last Saturday, and the excited green croci began tipping through the earth. Now, that same ground is icy, and those tips are frozen stiff, and I’ve been fearing that the same fate might befall hopeful progressive voters in the wake of the Warren/Sanders tiff.

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The F Word: What Marielle Franco's Death Means For Human Rights in Brazil

A black lesbian leftist, child of the favelas, was gunned down, in public, probably by an agent of the state.

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The F Word: Fast Food Workers Deserve a Fair Wage

Time for Farm to Table Fairness​

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West Virginia Workers And the Taste of Solidarity

There’s a phrase I remember from interviewing West Virginia miners wives. “When the whistle blows, everybody goes.”  In an accident down the mine, anyone’s loved one could have been hurt, and so everyone turned out.

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The F Word: The Craven Right Wing Is Now Smearing Teenage School Shooting Survivors

From Donald Trump Jr. to the Republican Congress, conservatives waited no time at all to start calling the survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School fake.

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The F Word: From #Metoo to #IraqToo

It’s been just about year since working women of all kinds gathered in Washington DC and said no to a woman-abusing, worker-exploiting, Trump-supported nominee to head the US Department of Labor. 

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The F Word: At the Super Bowl, Dodge Degraded Martin Luther King's Legacy

Super Bowl 2018 drew the smallest audience of any national championship game since 2009 but that didn’t quell the ruckus stoked by one of the mid-game ads. Listen carefully and there it was: Dr. Martin Luther King, pitching for trucks by RAM.

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America’s New Fossil Fuel Moment: Who's Side Is the Government On?

The lines are drawn, in oil as it happens. On the one hand, a growing number of cities, states and colleges, on the other, our very fossil-fueled administration and it spresident.

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In the Age of #MeToo, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina Is a Model of Women Supporting Women

Dang, Patriarchy’s pathetic sometimes. And no, I'm not talking about the shriveled specter of former Spartacus star, Kirk Douglas at the Golden Globe ceremony. (Although that did explain why so many billionaires are spending mad money on anti-aging research.) No, I'm talking about the age-old routine of laying on a catfight. The bread and circus distraction white male capital uses to fend off feminist threats.  

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Laura Flanders: Weinstein's Downfall Suggests It's Time for a Shared-Power Index for Companies

So what happens next? Since allegations emerged of years of sexual abuse by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, hundreds of women have gone public about their experiences of men raping, groping, abusing and humiliating them. Some men have spoken up about sexual abuse by men too.

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